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Mesa Disc Golf Club


Mesa City Championship December 3, 2016






Mesa City Championship 2016 Tournament Results

1 Pete Ulibarri (In a tie breaker)

2 Preston Johnson (In a tie breaker)

3 Catrina Allen


1 Chris Lombardo

2 Tim Sytsema

3 Jeff Meyers


1 Phil Wilson

2 Matt Greyeyes

3 Stevo Goodbear


1 Alex Lombardo

2 JR Morales

3 Daniel Wakley

Women's Intermediate

1 Jamie Spencer

2 Kim Owens

3 Becky Bare


1 Salomon Gonzalez

2 Robert Patten

3 David Soto

Advanced Masters

1 Robert Cummings

2 Dan Long

3 Steve BarboaType your paragraph here.


Payment Options


You can send a check with the tournament flyer to the address on the flyer.

​Paypal or Credit Card
Do the math using the flyer and click on the appropriate button below to make a payment, or just send your paypal payment to Be sure and send or email the flyer in also.

MDCG Club Photo Contest Rules

  • ​​Maximum of six entries per person.

  • Photos can be submitted in a specific division, but judge reserves the right to change divisions, if desired.

  • Open, Action and Artistic Divisions: Photos may be modified per basic editing practices such as cropping, dodging, burning, increasing saturation, changing contrast, removing dust spots etc. Photos must be from a single image. These three divisions showcase the art of photography, not the art of Photoshop. 

  • Modified Division: This division is for the Photoshop/filtered images, use your filters, your creativity and have fun. 

  • All photos must be taken in Arizona at a disc golf course. Photographs in the Artistic, or Open division do not necessarily have to be disc golf related however.

  • Photos cannot have been submitted in a previous year's contest.

  • Photos Must be submitted to, on or before November 19, 2016.


MDCG Club Photo Contest


Photos Due


Winners Announced

* See previous winners and other entrants on the gallery page.

Location & Dates

Round 1: 

Location: Red Mountain South

Player Check-in: 7:30

Player Meeting: 8:30

Tee Time: 9:00

Round 2: 

Location: Red Mountain North

Tee Time: To Be Determined

Divisions & Cost

Open Men & Women: $50

Master Men & Women: $50

Advanced Men & Women: $45

Advanced Master Men & Women: $45

Intermediate Men & Women: $35

​Recreational: $30

2016 Mesa Club subtract $10

Ace Pool (Optional) add $5

​Late Fee $10 (Day of Event)​