Mesa Disc Golf Club

Renewal Members $20 (Pick Up)

New Members $35 (With Shipping)

New Members $30 (Pick Up)

New Members $30

If you will be a first time member of the Mesa Disc Golf Club (or it's predecessor the Emerald Club) the cost for a membership is $30. Your membership includes a bag tag, embroidered hat and a custom mini. 

Renewal $20

If you are a current member, or have been a member in the past, the cost to renew your membership is $20. Your membership includes an embroidered hat, a custom mini and the 2014 inaugural bag tag if do not already have one. 

Where does your money go?

Obviously, some of your membership fee goes to purchase the cool swag (see photo gallery above) that you get as a member. The rest goes towards course improvements for our three Mesa courses and towards various tournament sponsorships.

2015 Mesa Disc Golf Club Membership

Renewal Members $25 (With Shipping)